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Banana Chocolate Cake

Pierre always say that I have a tendency to buy enough fruits to feed a family of 4 and I always brush his comments aside. Well, this is one of those times he is right. I did bought too many fruits this time around. I have a ripe pineapple sitting in my fridge (originally doomed to go into a pineapple rice), some pears already in the trash and 4 over-ripe bananas sitting on the dinning table with a desperate 'Eat me. Eat me!' sign. I shared one with my daughter this morning so we are down to 3. I was thinking of making a banana pie or a banana smoothie when I recalled my last disastrous attempt at a modified version of Banana Chocolate cake recipe. Since then, I've been wanting to make this cake again to prove to myself that I'm not that bad of a cook. So this time around, I decided to play it safe and stick to my original recipe. Like Pierre always says, 'If it is fine and tasty as it is, why change it ?' but i have a tendency not to listen and like to experiment (and as any mad-scientist will tell you, experiments can turn really ugly!).

Banana Chocolate Cake
  • 185 g plain flour (shifted)
  • 150 g white or brown sugar
  • 55 g butter (softened)
  • 1 packet baking powder (about 11 g)
  • 1 egg
  • 3 banana (very riped & mashed)
  • Dark chocolate (in bite size bits)
Banana Chocolate Cake ingredients
  1. Preheat oven at 175°C (350°F - gas mark 4).
  2. Beat egg and sugar till light and creamy.
  3. Mix in softened butter and whisk it for a few minutes.
  4. Pour in the mashed bananas and stir till combined.
  5. Incorporate the shifted flour and baking powder in batches making sure that it is well blended before introducing the next.
  6. Spread a layer of batter in the pre-greased loaf pan, sprinkle some dark chocolate bits on it. Spread another layer of batter on top of it. Then sprinkle another layer of chocolate and top it off with the rest of the batter.
  7. Bake it for 45 minutes or until toothpick inserted into cake comes out clean.

The over-riped bananas gives a strong fruity flavour to the cake. It was very soft, fluffy and moist. The dark chocolate, a classic with banana, adds a nice kick on the taste buds. It's just nicely sweet.

Banana Chocolate loaf
#1, by Kelly Mahoney (08/06/2007)

I always overbuy when it comes to fruits, especially this time of year. Everything looks great! I really like banana bread, but I've never had banana chocolate bread. I'd imagine it's decadent, yet it has fruit, so that means it's good for me, right?:-)

#2, by Lydia (08/06/2007)

Bananas and chocolate are a great combination. Sometimes it can be a bit too sweet, but most often it's just perfect. Your cake looks delicious!

#3, by Carol (08/06/2007)

Hey Ninja! Love the look of your Banana Chocolate Cake. What a treat!

#4, by tigerfish (08/07/2007)

You are a good cook and baker, for sure.

#5, by valentinA (08/07/2007)

Wo! THat's a great banana chocolate cake!

#6, by Anh (08/07/2007)

Tasty and lovely! I won't change a thing in this recipe. And I love the fact that you used butter instead of oil, too.:-D

#7, by isha (08/07/2007)

i luv banana bread/cake, yummy

#8, by eastmeetswestkitchen (08/07/2007)

Very nice pieces of banana cake there and it's making me hungry!:-)

#9, by keropokman (08/07/2007)

I too tend to buy lots too much fruits, but what to do, they always sell it cheaper if you buy in 5s or 6s.

You know what? I hang my bananas at home, sometimes the ones that are not eaten will just drop down on the table overnight! arrghhh

I just bring them to the office, office mates will just finish off the bananas for me. Not as hardworking as you, did not turn them into such delicious banana cakes:-)

#10, by teckiee (08/07/2007)

My banana cakes always comes out yucky. Not sure why but i tend to under bake them. Will try yours out.

#11, by Sylvia (08/07/2007)

Wow !! My husband love banana cake....and chocolate too. I certainly made this cake. Looks delicious!!!

#12, by Janet (08/07/2007)

The bananas in that picture look like perfect eating bananas for me, I like em ripe. They have to be practically fermented to make it to the banana muffin stash at my house!

#13, by Patricia Scarpin (08/07/2007)

Bananas and chocolate are so wonderful together - your cake looks delicious!

#14, by Little Corner of Mine (08/07/2007)

I love banana chocolate cake, yours looks divine!

#15, by Judy (08/07/2007)

I bake banana cakes quite often for my girls at work but my daughter wouldn't try it cos she can't stand the taste of cooked bananas. I wonder if I put choc chips as you have done here, will she make an effort to try. Something to think about. Thanks.

#16, by Truffle (08/07/2007)

It looks so incredibly moist! What a wonderful combination. It sounds delicious!

#17, by Carolyn (08/07/2007)

You go, girl! What a great use of your overripe fruit. I love bananas and chocolate, and this looks yummo. After reading the comments, I reread recipe, and noticed the butter instead of oil. Great idea, and I like your experimenting attitude!
So glad you are visiting my blog, and glad you are enjoying the scenery. Also,thank you so much for your heartfelt words today. Same to you and your friend, concerning your loss years ago. I know that must have been very hard. Isn't blogging now, great for seizing the present moments?! Have a wonderful day.:-)

#18, by Kevin (08/07/2007)

The cake looks really good. I can just imagine the moist banana and chocolate flavour.

#19, by Cynthia (08/08/2007)

Perfectly speckled bananas! I bet they make the cake even sweeter.

#20, by lynn (08/08/2007)

Your cake looks terrific but I only have 2 overripe bananas attracting a cloud of fruit flies. I guess I'll have to stick with smoothies this time, but I'll keep your cake in mind for next time!

#21, by Lori (08/08/2007)

Wow that looks good. I must try it! Thanks by the way for your explanation of Chinese tamales in my blog. I want to try some of them too!

#22, by MaOkA (08/08/2007)

I like !!!

#23, by Andy (08/08/2007)

Hey this looks really good and I happen to have some bananas that I need to use up. Just found your blog and I really like your recipes you have here.

#24, by tyree white (08/09/2007)

you have the best recipes.

#25, by IronEaters (08/09/2007)

I LOVE banana cakes... they are jt lovely! thanks for sharing with us the recipe btw =)

#26, by joy (08/10/2007)

Hi Ninja, I have a very similar recipe and yes, I strongly recommend that the bananas be very ripe. Whenever I bake it, it goes down really well.

The Goddess In You

#27, by The Cooking Ninja (08/11/2007)

@Kelly: oh yes ... It's very good for you;-)

@Lydia & carol: Thanks:-)

@tigerfish: not always. hehehe

@valentinA & Anh: Thanks:-) I like the butter version too.

@isha: Me too ... with the chocolate, super yummy.

@eastmeetswestkitchen: come over, I'll share it with you.;)

@Keropokman: wah, your colleagues are very lucky to have you around.:-)

@teckiee: it could be because it is too liquid. Next time when I bake it again, I will weigh the bananas, that way it will be more precise for visitors.

@Sylvia: Hope your husband like this version.

@Janet: A friend of mine likes her banana to be a bit green. :O

@Patricia & little corner of mine: thank you:-)

@Judy: A cooked banana still has the same flavour as fresh banana leh. Is there a diff in taste? Maybe I can't tell the diff because I love bananas. Hope your daughter will try this version. Maybe you can try this tactic 'Try it please...just to make mama happy.';-)

@Truffle: The idea of adding chocolate came from my other half.:-) He loves chocolates and I love bananas.

@Carolyn: Yes it is. These days when we talk about him, we remember the good old times we spent with him.

@Kevin: your kitchen will smell wonderful of banana and chocolate:-)

#28, by The Cooking Ninja (08/11/2007)

@Cythnia: I cut down on the sugar in my version. The original asked for a lot more sugar.

@lynn: aw...that would have been perfect to make a banana cake but too bad. Next time then.:-) A smoothie is still all delicious and tasty;-)

@Lori: You're most welcome. It's kinda sticky so you might not like it but it is worth a try to find out how it taste like:-) My other half finds it ok. He will eat it but will give it pass if he has a choice.

@MaOka: Thanks for dropping by.:-)

@Andy: Welcome to my blog.:-)

@tyree white: you're too kind to me.

@IronEaters: My pleasure:-)

@Joy: Thanks for dropping by.:-)

#29, by Iris (11/13/2007)

I need to try this one, it looks yummy!!!

#30, by Laurie (09/26/2010)

I just made thsi cake and it is loverly!!! Thankyou very much!:-)
Although i didnt have overripe bananas so i just used my yellow ones and it still turned out great:-D