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Banana Chocolate Chips Cookies

Phew! Finally we have an Internet connection in our house! They sure took their time. We could have had it a week earlier if not for the telecom company which made a (stupid) mistake in transferring the line.

Our move was a nightmare to begin with. On the eve of finalizing the sale of the house, we were busy loading up all our stuff onto the rental truck when we got a call from the notary that the seller couldn't make it the next day to finalize the papers. Mind you, we had our fridge, washing machine, sofas, bed etc. and were nearly done when we got that call. It's not like we are moving to the next street - we are talking about a painful 8 hour drive across the country. Since we had to return the truck the next day 500 km away, we decided to go ahead as planned and try to find a solution with the sellers.

Sadly, we were too optimistic and they were too unreasonable, and it took a lot of phone calls between the two notary and the real-estate agent to convince them to let us unload our stuff in the empty house and stay there till the sale got finalised 2 days later. Despite signing all required documents, they became highly bitter about the whole episode (even though they were the one who created this situation) and made the official transaction a painful ordeal of complains that lasted 2 hours.

I'm so glad everything is over and we got our house. Now we have a lot of work ahead of us but the major stuff have to wait till Christmas is over!

This is the first thing I baked when we installed our brand new oven. My oh my, this oven is fantastic. It warms up faster than my old one that I had a hard time leaving behind in our old apartment. I found this interesting cookie recipe from Beach Lover's Kitchen and modified it a wee bit to my liking.

Banana Chocolate Chips Cookies
  • 115 g butter (soften)
  • 2 & 1/2 cups plain flour (shifted)
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 over-riped banana (mashed)
  • 1/3 cup superfine sugar
  • 1/3 cup dark brown sugar
  • 1 egg lightly beaten
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips (can be replaced with dark chocolate chips)
  • some ground nutmeg
  1. Preheat oven to 190°C (375 °F).
  2. Beat the butter, superfine sugar and dark brown sugar until soft and fluffy.
  3. Add in the beaten egg and whisked till combined.
  4. Stir in the mashed banana and vanilla extract till well blended in.
  5. Stir in the shifted flour and baking powder.
  6. Add in the chocolate chips to the dough mixture.
  7. Spaced out each spoonful of cookie dough on the baking sheet.
  8. Bake it for about 15 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack and let it cool before storing it in an airtight container.
Banana Banana Chocolate Chips Cookies
The Verdict

The banana flavor is somewhat surprising to find in a cookie form, and the texture is soft inside but solid on the outside. Overall a delicious treat I must say:-)


A very over-riped banana is needed to bring out the banana flavour of this cookie. My recipe isn't very sweet so it will appeal to people who aren't too much into cakes and desserts, but there's nothing stopping you from adding more sugar if you want so.

Banana Chocolate Chips CookiesBanana Chocolate Chips Cookies
#1, by Sylvia (12/21/2007)

I love the combo banana chocolate, my husband too. Wondeful recipe.Thanks for share

#2, by Cakespy (12/21/2007)

Hello, little lovelies! I have always enjoyed the taste of banana and chocolate. These look like they were baked to perfection...a bit of a crunch but still soft looking.

#3, by Toffeeapple (12/21/2007)

So upset for you that you had so many problems with the sellers of your new home. I hope you can put it all behind you and make your mark on the house and the kitchen. Looking forward to lots more recipes! Good luck!

#4, by keeyit (12/21/2007)

Nice cookies.
Merry Christmas

#5, by Tyree White (12/22/2007)

they look good, but(and yes there's a "but") banana and chocolate. do they go good together? tyree white

#6, by Kevin (12/22/2007)

Adding bananas to chocolate chip cookies sounds like a great idea!

#7, by Judy (12/22/2007)

Looks very delicious. I think this may be something that my daughter would like.

Wishing you and family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

#8, by teckiee (12/23/2007)

ohh no wonder ... I keep coming here ...but havent seen a new post. Merry christmas!

#9, by Lynn (12/23/2007)

Looks like a fabulous house-warming cookie. I'm sure you're glad the move is behind you. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas in your new place!

#10, by eastmeetswestkitchen (12/24/2007)

I love bananas and chocolate together, and your cookies looks great!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!:-D

#11, by Katie (12/24/2007)

Buying and selling a house can be so much more difficult here - almost as if the people involved don't really want to do it!
Sorry yours was so horrid; Glad that it's over and you are settled. Have a lovely holiday in your new home!

#12, by Cynthia (12/25/2007)

I'd say that the new oven is working fine too:-)

I can't stand unreasonable people, glad the ordeal is finally over.

Happy Holidays to you and the family.

#13, by Bee Ean (12/28/2007)

Oh I'm glad everything sorted out finally. I can't imagine this could happen. Well this is France everything nasty can happen.:-)

The banana cookies look good. Hubby still hasn't installed the oven after 6 months. You are lucky to have an all brand new oven!

#14, by Jackson Kah (12/29/2007)

The banana flavour in cookies is something interesting!!

#15, by aria (12/30/2007)

that looks like both the perfect cookie for me and my monkey.

thank you and happy new year

#16, by wokandspoon (01/01/2008)

Glad to hear that you're moved in! I can totally relate to the whole moving experience. Happy New Year!

#17, by A scientist in the kitchen (01/03/2008)

Bananas and chocolate really make a good pair! Have you tried banana-chocolate icecream? Yummy!!!

#18, by Mrs.W (01/05/2008)

I wanted to write in to say I tried these cookies (well, with raisins, and I used dark rum in lieu of vanilla extract) and they were UNBELIEVABLE. Thanks for posting this awesome recipe... it will be a year-round treat at our house.

#19, by beachloverkitchen (01/05/2008)

yes,I love this recipe.I always used overripe banana,my daughter just eat one banana and the rest is waiting to go to trash..I also use this recipe to make another cookies..I replace cream cheese for banana and choc for butterscotch..Give it a try..this recipe is not for cookies lover who like crispy cookies but overall this cookies is good.Hope all your moving goes smooth...Have a good weekend:))

#20, by The Cooking Ninja (01/08/2008)

@Sylvia: Usually I have this combo as cake but it is nice to have a recipe that turns this into a cookie:-)

@Cakespy: Oh yes, if you eat it immediately after it is baked...it is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.:-)

@Toffleapple: Thanks:-) It is all behind us now.:-)

@Tyree White: Oh yes, they go together very well. You have to try it one day:-)

@Keeyit : Thanks

@Kevin: yes indeed.:-) I'm glad to have found this recipe.

@Judy: Hope your daughter likes it.:-)

@Teckiee: Sorry about it. Hope to catch up with more posts.:-)

@Lynn: Thanks. We did had a wonderful xmas.:-) I hope you had a wonderful one too.

@Eastmeetswestkitchen: Thank you. Happy New Year to you too!:-)

@Katie: That's what my sis thought that the lady didn't want to sell the house. Anyway all that is behind us now. We comfortably settled in and there are lots of work to be done in this house before it look like ours.:-)

@Bee Ean: How about bribing him to do it?;-) Tell him all the delicious treats and meal you can do for him once the oven is up.

@Cynthia: Oh yes, this new oven works fantastically well.:-)

@Jackson Kah: You have to try it.:-) My Little One loves it way too much.

@Aria: Happy New Year !

@Wok&spoon: Happy New Year. Hope you are all settled in your new place.

@A Scientist in the Kitchen: Oh yes, I had banana Chocolate ice cream before and they are so heavenly.

@Mrs W: I'm glad that you love it. Your combination sounds divine. Unfortunately my other half doesn't like raisins:-( I so wanted to try it out.

@beachloverkitchen: It's a great recipe for kids:-) I'll definitely experiment more with it.

#21, by miche (01/21/2008)

i was hunting high and low for ur blog and i finally found it in my recipe blog! duh!!! glad to find u again and am sure gonna try this ur cookies recipe especially this one. my girls love choc chip cookies.:-) and and CNY is just around the corner. must prove to MIL that I dont only eat and sleep, i can bake too. :lol:

#22, by The Cooking Ninja (01/21/2008)

@miche: Glad you have found my blog again.:-) This cookie isn't crunchy like the normal chocolate chip cookies. But my 1 year old loves it. I also highly recommend you to try out this other cookie Choc Hazelnut Scrolls. It's very easy to do and very delicious too.