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My Macaron Experiment

The last time I tried making these little precious and oh-so-trendy macarons, I failed so badly. The recipe looked so simple yet they all turned out as flat as pancakes - well, even pancakes have a little hump. Since then, it has been on my mind to concur it.

A few months ago, I read several blogs having a lot of success with their macarons ... that only made me want to make it work. In the midst of our move, I had forgotten all about it until I saw someone posting again about her macarons. Finally on Thursday evening, I gathered my courage and decided to take the plunge. I followed the instructions given in Bernice's Baking Journey blog. I sat looking at my oven window like an anxious yet excited little kid .... then suddenly, within a minute or two ... I saw my precious macaron's feet started to grow ... I couldn't believe my eyes and got all excited and jumping up and down shouting to Pierre 'I think we got macarons this time!'.:-D Of course anything could still go wrong ... so I kept crossing my fingers and hope everything turned out all right.

Dear readers, may I present you my very first chocolate macarons.:-D Aren't these babies beautiful?;-)

macaron experiment

I'll have a macaron recipe soon here, but I want to do something more exotic than plain chocolate and need to experiment further with the filling.

PS: Speaking of filling, I'm still looking for a nice and light one. Anyone knows of a good ganache recipe?

#1, by Judy (01/28/2008)

Wow, they look absolutely perfect. I still have not pluck up my courage to try this recipe though it looks so easy. Sometimes the easiest recipes turn out the worse for me!:-)

#2, by Lydia (01/28/2008)

For your first attempt, these could not be more perfect! Will definitely be watching for the recipe.

#3, by ireneangele (01/28/2008)

C'est trop joli pour être mangé !!

#4 (01/28/2008)

My Dear Ninja! These macarons are GORGEOUS! They are every bit as beautiful as the best ones I've seen - Congratulations!!

#5, by Little Corner of Mine (01/29/2008)


It's simply perfect!

#6, by Kevin (01/29/2008)

Those macarons look great!!

#7, by Tricia (01/29/2008)

Congratulations! You've made it! Macaroons are still waaaaaaaaaay over my league. For now, I will just look at them on the internet or at the bakeries!

#8, by Ling's Passion (01/29/2008)

Wow...your macaron looks gorgeous..

#9, by Singairishgirl (01/30/2008)

That is so beautiful. Congrats on your success as a first-timer. So we'd be expecting more macaron bakes then?;-)

#10, by Amy (01/30/2008)

They couldn't have turned out any better. They're picture perfect! Great job!

#11, by Cynthia (01/31/2008)

You are awesome. Look at perfection. You must be so pleased with yourself and quite right to be too!:-)

#12, by ovenhaven (01/31/2008)

Wow, those look absolutely perfect! I still have yet to try my hands on macarons; I'm much too fearful of achieving those to-die-for feet. Hahaha... Do post more macaron bakes and inspire more people like me!

#13, by Sylvia (01/31/2008)

I always fail with macarons.This are perfect . I wait for the recipe and the tips or maybe a "secret". Great job

#14, by Nora (01/31/2008)

Oh my - they look PERFECT!!! Congratulations for having the courage to try again. I am still too chicken... maybe after you post the recipe, I just might gather the courage to try....

#15, by teckiee (02/01/2008)

Every where i go i see Macaroon ... even on blogs! ... i'm being haunted by Macaroons!!

#16, by Marichelle (02/01/2008)

This would look so cute in felt =)

#17, by KJ (02/02/2008)

Oh I am so jealous. Green in fact. i have tried to make these many times and failed dismally. I bow down to you. they are great. Hopefully, I will get it right one day (soon hopefully).

#18, by Ling's Passion (02/03/2008)

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#19, by wokandspoon (02/03/2008)

They came out beautifully - just like in any boulangerie!