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Dining out in Singapore

Since we touched down in Singapore, we have been eating non stop - be it home-cooked or coffee shops and Chinese new year goodies. It seems like Little One has a real adventurous taste buds.:-) She practically eats whatever we give her and more. For example (might not be surprising for local children): fish balls, char siew, seaweed soup, peanut soup (she loves the peanuts), mee goreng, prawn mee, deep fried chicken wings, fish ball noodles, mee robus (even when it is spicy), bak kwa (BBQ pork), kueh pie ti (she even dipped the cups in chili sauce and ate it even though it was spicy, and after she had a big gulp of water to cool her palate, went back for more.). She loves cookies or tarts like: kueh bolu, pineapple tarts, love letters cookies etc. Every day she would grab one of the New Year goodies tin and go around the house asking anyone who would open it for her. If one refused her, no problem: this enterprising little lady would get a different tin and try again till she found someone in this household who would give her the cookie.:-D hahaha ... kudos for her determination and persistence.

Pierre also has been enjoying the different Asian food offered locally but the other day he told me that he is really tired of it after getting some for every single meal... He just needs to recharge his taste buds and digestive system with some good old steak or any type of western food.:-D He said to me 'Please, for a change, anything western food will do - be it Greek, Italian or even a fast food joint. I just can't stomach another Asian meal, no offense.':-p hehehe So yesterday evening we headed down town for some Italian meal. During the MRT train ride, he suddenly said this to me 'I don't know how you managed to stomach French food every day for the past 6 years. If it were me, I would have puked long time ago.' Me: 'Now you know how I felt and the sacrifices I made for you';-)

The first restaurant that we went to pig out is of course non other than a dim sum restaurant (we have been yearning dim sum for a year) located in Toa Payoh called Fortunate Restaurant. The restaurant is very spacious and the service is fast and courteous. The dim sum range is rather wide - from the usual dim sum fare to some originals created by their house chef. The dim sums are delicious and are served piping hot from a traditional push cart. The only pet peeve I have is that they charged us S$2.00 for a small plate of peanuts (we thought it was on the house since they brought it as soon as we sat, till we saw it on the bill).

Dim sum at the Fortunate Restaurant

The 2nd restaurant that we checked out is Shahi Maharani, located at Raffles City Shopping Centre. This rather high-end restaurant offers not only excellent Northern Indian cuisine, it's service is also impeccable and efficient. That day, they had a promotion on lunch buffet for S$ 20++ - a price which I think was a good value for money given the quality and choice of food and service. However in the evening, they only offer à la carte and each dish is about S$20.00 +/-. They also have live Indian instrumental music in the evening. I highly recommend anyone to dine there.

Naans at the Shahi Maharani

The 3rd restaurant we went to was Prego, a rather chic Italian restaurant. The service was efficient. Price wise : the prices for the antipasti are rather steep (for example: Calamari Fritti - S$26.00 but the portion is more of a main meal than an entrée and a plate of Ceasar salad costs S$18.00). Food wise: only excellent quality - the calamari were crispy on the outside without too much batter and tender on the inside. The seafood pasta that I ordered were superbly done - the prawns were so fresh and cooked just right. However the lobster pasta was a bit of a let down. Overall we had a great dinning experience. Just be prepared to fork out about S$80.00 per person for a 3 course meal excluding drinks.

Lobster at Prego

We may be expanding sideways but we are definitely not yet done with our makan (eating) journey in Singapore. More adventures to come soon ... so stay tuned.

#1, by Bernice (02/12/2008)

Seems like you had a great time back home. I can imagine how cute your little girl was when she walked around asking people to open the tin for her, she must be so adorable.:-D

Btw, peanut soup is my absolute favourite desert too!!!

#2, by wokandspoon (02/12/2008)

Oooo, can't wait to see more photos of the food!! Enjoy!!!

#3, by Gourmet Traveller (02/12/2008)

Sounds like you're having a fantastic time in Singapore.

#4, by Tyree White (02/13/2008)

Well its not American style, but I will give it a try. tyree white.

#5, by keropokman (02/13/2008)

welcome back!

love Prego! but many people dine there with the "feed at raffles" card. haha.. For two persons going there, the bill is reduced by 50%:-)

#6, by Bee Ean (02/13/2008)

Yeah tell that to my husband that I have sacrificed for all the goodies I could have if I were in Malaysia!!! Gosh I wish I were at home like you. Good that your daughter get to adapt so fast to the environment and the food!

#7, by teczcape - an escape to food (02/14/2008)

U still in SG? I already left on Monday. This time, I also went to Fortunate Rest. but it was in Chinatown. Dim sum there was good!

I think Prego std has dipped over the years. Hmmmm.....I prefer Spaggedies or Al Forno.

#8, by The Cooking Ninja (02/14/2008)

@Bernice: Oh yes, she's simply a doll and my mom always couldn't resists her charm. You should see her going around asking my cousins and aunties and uncles to help her open a sweet for her but of course my cousins pretended that they didn't understand her whereas my uncle and aunties thought she was so sweet giving them a sweet on the 1st day of CNY. hehehe ... She went to 7 different people to get try to get someone to open up the candy for her. My cousins were amazed at her persistence. hahaha

@wok&spoon: It seems like there are plenty of new restaurants in Singapore. Hope to check out some of them.

@Gourmet Traveller: Yes we are but the stay is too short.:-( Wish we could stay longer. *sigh* Wish Singapore is just next to France.

@Tyree White: Hope you do.

@Keropokman: Oh...we didn't know that. No wonder we see a lot of diners there. My better half said to me after reading your comment: We should have gotten that card before we dine there:-p Reduced by 50% is a darn good deal.

@Bee Ean: Make sure your hubby see this post:-p You can once you are done with your studies;-) Oh yes, she now says 'por por' (carry me) and she says 'ma ma' 'gong gong' & 'kor kor' with the cutest French accent. This morning she had 'chui kueh' (steamed rice cake) and she loves it (of course minus the chai po).

@teczcape: Yes we are still in SG. wow! U left fast. How long were u here for? hmm ... Didn't know they have 1 in Chinatown. On their card, they have one in Orchard Road.

I haven't been to Prego for years. This is the first time I went back there. Well, compared to the Italian food menu we had in France, Prego is considered very good.;-) Been a long time since I went to Pasta Brava (if they are still around) and Da Paolo.

#9, by Cakespy (02/14/2008)

Oh my goodness, everything looks so delicious. What a great trip! The seafood pasta sounds just incredible!

#10, by Nora (02/14/2008)

Hi Pamela,
Have fun exploring all the yummy food haunts. There are probably lots of people who can recommend where you can have authentic and delicious "western" food. I don't know when you were last in Singapore, there are lots of new restaurants to check out, and old favourites that are still great. If you need any suggestions, do let me know.

#11, by ironeaters (02/14/2008)

hi. sounds like u r having a great time in Singapore!! =D Yea, makan all the way!

#12, by Kevin (02/15/2008)

All of that food looks really good. When I am on vacation I try to eat that culture cuisine the whole time I am there. I really enjoy trying new foods and flavours.

#13, by eastmeetswestkitchen (02/15/2008)

You little one has a great appetite!
I enjoyed all those food places too, especially Shahi Maharani!:-)

#14, by teczcape - an escape to food (02/15/2008)

Oh, now I remember...we went to Yum Cha in Chinatown. THink it was not Fortunate Rest. hahah....sorry wrong number! :P

#15, by teckiee (02/15/2008)

You have got to try the bak kwa with cheese. good stuff!

#16, by Ani (02/15/2008)

God everything looks wonderful!!!

#17, by aria (02/15/2008)

oh heavan! all of it pure heavan!

#18, by Cynthia (02/16/2008)

Food heaven!

#19, by beachlover (02/17/2008)

waaaahh....I also eat nonstop since the moment I touched down in KL..Mostly I just wallop and forget to take photo at all..hear Singapore food is very good too!!

#20, by Judy (02/18/2008)

Wow, how nice. I also want to be there enjoying all the food.

#21, by Tyree White (02/19/2008)

I hope you have a good time in singapore. tyree white.

#22, by ovenhaven (02/19/2008)

Welcome back to Singapore! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself catching up on the food;-)

#23, by M (02/19/2008)

Hi Cooking Ninja - I hope you're having fun in Singapore! Am Singaporean as well but in the UK not France. Been following your blog and tried out one/two recipes;-) Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog and please do keep those marvellous recipes coming. Would love to get in touch. My email is worldcitizen33@yahoo.com. Would be very happy to hear from you!

#24, by Amy (02/21/2008)

Ooh now I'm really craving dim sum.:-)

#25, by keeyit (02/21/2008)

next time come to malaysia ya

#26, by The Cooking Ninja (02/25/2008)

@Cakespy: Oh yes, we went for a few more eating spree but our stomach can only eat that much unfortunately. Plus the weather is getting too hot for us to venture out in the day time. Don't we sound like vampires. hehehe

@Nora: There are so many new restaurants that is just so incredible. So many new buildings too. 1 month in Singapore is just not enough. Wish we could stay longer.:-( *sob*sob*sob*

@Ironeaters: Oh yes ... we are pigging out big time here. Can't get enough of satays and my better half can't get enough of mee goreng. hehehe

@Kevin: Totally agree with you. If you are ever in Singapore, go check out all the local food in the food courts or hawker centers. It's there where you get the taste of all these delicious local food. You'll be so spoilt for choices that you don't know what to eat in the end.

@Eastmeetswestkitchen: We are going back there for another round of Indian food before we leave.

@teczcape: No problem:-) I have tried out their outlet at International Building - still felt the joint at Toa Payoh is better.

@teckiee: hmm...never heard of this bak kwa with cheese. Do you think they sell this in Singapore?

@Ani: hehehe...more to come;-)

@Cynthia: Yep, we are in food paradise right now;-)

@beachlover: I know what you mean. We haven't stop eating since we landed here. Oh yeah, Singapore food is very good - like mee siam is different from those in KL.:-) I understand it is dry over there whereas it is the wet version over here.

@Judy: Hop on the next plane and join us on our eating spree.;-) hehehe ... we sounds like we haven't eat for 100 years like that hor. But then, it's like that ... when we live overseas for too long and deprived of some of our favourites food, we just whack lor.;-)

@Tyree white: Thanks:-)

@ovenhaven: Thanks...I'm trying to catch up but not enough time leh. Managed to even get to watch the chingay floats.:-)

@M: Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed those dishes. Will do.:-)

@Amy: Oh yes ... I'm getting my dosage on those before I have to leave. It's hard to get good dim sum abroad.

@Keeyit: Ok. Will you be my makan buddy there?;-)

#27, by Nora (02/27/2008)

One month is definitely not enough.

#28, by aria (03/22/2008)

oooh loookey all that! those steamed dumplings are making me swoooon. lucky you:-)