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Microwave semolina milk pudding

Today's post and recipe is by Pierre - my significant other;-)

There are some people who love cooking and others who hate it. I enjoy it personally, in reasonable quantities. This is why I stay away from Asian cooking, and especially Chinese cooking: too many ingredients, too much preparation, which results in too much stuff to wash. I have had a fascination for dishes that are simple and fast to prepare yet tasty.

And that's how I came up with this version of a semolina milk pudding. Here's a simple yet tasty and healthy dessert, which doesn't take a lot of ingredients and preparation time is minimal. The only issue I have with it is that you need to bake milk in a pan: this often result in burnt milk at the bottom of the pan, which is extremely hard to clean. Thankfully there's another easier way for lazy cooks like me, thanks to this great invention that is the microwave. Bonus point: it's dirt cheap, you'd be hard-pressed to make a dessert for cheaper than that!

Microwave semolina milk pudding

Serves 8 peoples, 190 kcal per portion (about 150 gr)

  • 120 g fine semolina
  • 110 g sugar
  • 1 litre milk
  • liquid vanilla flavor or vanilla essence
microwave semolina milk pudding

  1. In a big bowl, put all the ingredients together and stir.
  2. Put in a microwave oven to bake at maximum power (I used 12 minutes for a 750 Watts oven).
  3. Stop every 3 min to stir and make sure the semolina is not stuck at the bottom.
  4. Let it cool down and store in the fridge.


It's not going to be nominated dessert of the year, but it taste nice, is low in fat (none at all if you use skimmed milk), and can be easily customized: you can replace the vanilla flavor with anything that catches your fancy (chocolate powder, coffee flavor, etc.). I like to cover mine with home-made strawberry jam for an extra kick, or just eat it plain for breakfast.


My version is a rather solid milk pudding, if you like it more liquid add a more milk.

microwave semolina milk pudding
#1, by ireneangele (11/06/2008)

I am not a fan of semolina pudding but that one looks delicious !

#2, by Little Corner of Mine (11/06/2008)

Don't think I can get semolina here. I have not tasted semolina pudding before, very curious!

#3, by ange (11/07/2008)

cela semble bon, miam miam!

#4, by Toffeeapple (11/11/2008)

How is your English so good? It makes me ashamed.

#5, by danuk (01/13/2009)

great dish mmmm and the kids love it.

#6, by danuk (01/13/2009)

got any more quick puddings?

#7, by The Cooking Ninja (01/30/2009)

@danuk: Glad your kids love it. Mine does too. I have just published another easy to make pudding or custard.

#8, by jorja (06/09/2012)

Lovely YUMMY can Not wait to try it!!!

#9, by krazymama (10/06/2012)

I have just made this.
Simple, no fuss.
Yummy yummy in my tummy.
Feeling warm all over.
Just what I need with winter coming!

#10, by Indu (10/17/2012)

going to make today.. results later!