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Crispy Bacon Wrapped Prune (Devils on Horseback)

Have you ever been served by rude waitress, cashiers or customer service people? I did, not just once or twice, but many times and I'm sure you did too. Sometimes they were so bad that you'd think they are suffering from a bad case of constipation. Perhaps they are lacking prunes or dried plums in their diet!

Prunes or dried plums? What is the difference? None at all. Dried plums is just a new name for an old classic name of prunes. I'm sure not many of us know that they are also high in antioxidants. The fruit and its juice are well-known for its natural laxative effect, thus making it a common home remedies for constipation. So next time if you get bad service, give them a packet of prunes. Maybe that will help them give better service and look less constipated. LOL!

As for me, whenever I get bad services, I always remember the stories from my ex-Management professor on how he dealt with such situations. First he would kindly enquire after the well-being of the said person, much to the said person's surprise and unease, then he would ask if he/she had a rough day at work or is having some personal problems, etc. And if all answers came to a 'NO', he would then politely tell that person: 'If you aren't happy with your job, QUIT. Why make yourself and others miserable? If it's not the case, then why the bad mood?' I can assure you that teacher was truly capable of it. LOL! Would I dare do it like he did? To this date, I haven't mustered that kind of courage. Perhaps I'm a product of how my parents brought me up - the old fashion Asian culture way. So how would you react to such bad treatments? Do you remain quiet and suffer it through or do you tell them off?

Like many, Pierre and I aren't a big fan of dried prunes but what if I tell you there is a way to encourage the young and old to eat it? Eight years ago, when I first arrived in France, my mom-in-law served me this delicious French classic appetizer made of bacon wrapped prune, baked to a nice crisp. Pop one in your mouth, you will be sent on a delicious taste trip. Try this appetizer today, you will love it. Everything taste better with bacon, right?

This is my contribution to this Weekend Herb Blogging #217 hosted by lovely Anna from Anna's Cool Finds.

Crispy Bacon Wrapped Prune
  • 12 strips bacon (thin slices)
  • 24 dried prunes (pitted)
Crispy Bacon wrapped prune
  1. Preheat oven at 230°C (450°F - gas mark 8).
  2. If the bacon strip is long, cut it into 2.
  3. Lay a strip of bacon on a plate or board, place a dried prune at the beginning edge of bacon strip. Roll, wrapping it tightly around the dried prune until end of strip.
  4. Using a toothpick, pierce through centre of wrapped prune to hold it in place.
  5. Bake it for about 15 minutes or until bacon is grilled slightly crispy on both sides. Flip and grill the other side at mid way.
  6. Serve warm.
Crispy Bacon wrapped prune
The Conclusions

I never thought that this combination would this oh-heavenly-delicious. The taste of sweet-slightly sourish flavour of prune mix with salty crispy taste of bacon all rolled in one bite. Once you starts eating them, it's hard to stop as we are forever chasing after that 4 flavour, bite after bite. And it's obviously super-easy to make, which doesn't hurt.


You can also cook them under grill mode of your oven or pan-fry them without oil if you don't have an oven.

Crispy Bacon wrapped prune
#1, by Rob Pruitt (01/20/2010)

Wow, I would have never thought to combine these ingredients. How neat. Thanks for posting!

#2, by mycookinghut (01/20/2010)

Well, coming from an Asian family, I guess we have been brought up in a way that we rather keep quiet than stir up attentions. However, if we practise this sort of 'give in' attitude, we might suffer in the world today. Well, it may sound as if the world is not a great place to stay... haha.. not at all.. not all the time we would encountered this every time. Guess if one day I really am in a bad mood too and are treated in a unfriendly way, I would love to be able to do what your professor did!

By the way, I love this crispy bacon wrapped prune as aperitif! Absolutely gorgeous in flavours! Didn't discover this until I discover French and its ppl culture.;-)

#3, by Sarah, Maison Cupcake (01/20/2010)

I like prunes anyway but I would like them even more wrapped around bacon. I've had them wrapped in Parma ham but not bacon. There would only be sticks left if I had these within reach.

#4, by Su-yin (01/20/2010)

I never knew prunes and bacon could go together! Will definitely have to try this out sometime.:-)

I hate rudeness, and have encountered quite a few people like that. Most of the time I don't back down and say something - but never in a rude way. Sometimes these people do make me upset though, especially when I'm really tired.

#5, by Sook (01/21/2010)

Wow what a unique recipe! Bacon wrapped prunes? That sounds amazing!

#6, by The Cookbook Apprentice (01/21/2010)

These look delicious to me! I love each of them individually and can see how they would be wonderful together!

#7, by Meeta (01/21/2010)

one of my favorite tapas at the spanish place. simple and so delicious. lovely!

I love prunes and wrapped in bacon is a whole other level! I have a friend who once ate too many prunes- poor thing!

#9, by Natashya (01/21/2010)

Oh my, they do look addictive! I could pop quite a few in my mouth.

#10, by urdistan (01/21/2010)

it will be good apptizer i love to try it

#11, by Ling (01/21/2010)

I love bacon and would love to try this.

#12, by Tracy (01/21/2010)

This is such an interesting combination! Not sure I would have thought of it but it sounds yummy!

#13, by Taste Traveller (01/22/2010)

I've had these with dates - fantastic. Prunes are a lot easier to find than dates though, and I bet they taste simmilar. Bacon always makes things better.

#14, by Asha@FSK (01/22/2010)

LOL LOL.. You know, i think you are right!!! the staff must be constipated to be so pained and painful.. LOL LOL.. I am cracking up here... hehhe

neway, you'll think me weird but I actually like prunes:-D.. I use them in a fresh and dried fruit and meat bake that I make. I can rest assured that the meal will good and the following morning even better;-))

#15, by Little Corner of Mine (01/22/2010)

Wow, this is something new to me!

#16, by PageRank Check (01/23/2010)

i wanna try this one

#17, by Jeanne @ Cooksister! (01/24/2010)

I don't often complain about rude/impolite service, but every now and again something pushed me over the edge and I will say something. The last time I rememebr clearly was on a bus in Chicago when the bus driver was just inexcusably rude and I HAD to say something!!

I LOVE angels on horseback - such a fab retro treat:-)

#18, by The Little Teochew (01/24/2010)

Hey there! What a great post. A topic everyone can relate to. Your prof is hilarious!;-) Love this dish. It's so simple but I betcha it tastes awesome. One of those recipes where I go, "why didn't I think of that?!"

#19, by PageRank Check (01/24/2010)


#20, by MaryMoh (01/25/2010)

Oh...I never like rude people. They just spoil my appetite. So far, I have not experienced it here, maybe because of the tips system. Your bacon wrapped plums look very delicious. Great for parties.

#21, by Roj TV (01/26/2010)

it is so easy


#22, by tigerfish (01/26/2010)

Dried prunes: I often carry them around as a snack when I'm on the plane. The sweetness of the prune and savory bacon should be a perfect match! They are happy together, so they should not leave each other:-)

#23, by Jeff (01/26/2010)

I had a friend make these a couple years ago at NYE and I called bs because I firmly believe bacon makes everything taste better but prunes???? No way! If I did not have to eat those words repeatedly.

I am a huge fan of suffering through and hoping the person is just having a bad day. Mostly because I am selfish and if I asked them and they were having a bad day I do not want to hear about it.

#24, by Michelle (11/01/2010)

Thanks for posting this recipe! Someone made them for a party I went to last night, and they were AMAZING.

#25, by Dafnee 11/22/2010 (11/22/2010)

I love prunes wrapped in bacon, i grew up eating this for the holidays.

#26, by ToniV (12/22/2010)

we eat it in Germany all the time, delicious!

#27, by Lindsay (12/25/2011)

We made them a little differently, growing up in South Africa of an English heritage. My mother would take a date, remove the pit and replace it with a Brazil nut, wrap in bacon and then bake. Delicious !

#28, by KATK (03/05/2012)


#29, by Carrie (08/29/2012)

Can these be served cold or do they have to be served warm

#30, by The Cooking Ninja (11/02/2012)

@Carrie: It is best served warm or right out of the oven.:-)

#31 (11/08/2012)

Abit of understanding for the poor waitresses cashiers who have been standing on there feet for countless hours dealing with more often than not rude customers probably like yourself obviously some need to have a go at being on the other side of the fence

#32, by Kate (01/02/2013)

I've had these before. I was never a lover of prunes, but these are just Deeelish. So moreish you won't stop and just one (or 4, for that matter!)