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Haiti Relief Suppport - Comment to help raise funds

Since the earthquake disasters have hit Haiti on 12 January 2010, lots of well meaning people in the Twitter world retwitted what they thought was a good cause to call for help around the world, hélas some of these so called messages were just hoax and spams. I know it personally because this morning I received a 'told off message' by one twitter for spamming a hoax. I do not understand why such person would start a hoax like this - it's monstrous. I felt so despondent. With last night's news pictures of Haiti's disaster still fresh on my mind, I wondered to myself what and how I can help.

As if the universe has heard me, an answer came on Twitter - a retweet message from Hilda of Saffron & Blueberry. What I saw and read sincerely touched my heart and soul, making me smile and ask myself: "Now why didn't I think of that?! So I decided to hop on the wagon and to do my share to help the people of Haiti.

I'm not a world famous blogger nor do I have any sponsor to call to to match donation. I'm just a humble and simple stay-at home mom with some personal savings and together with Pierre, we are willing to part it for a very good cause. Pierre & I will match 0.10 € for every comment left on my blog (one per person, up to a 1000 comments) until 24 January 2010 included. The final amount will be donated to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti.

This is not a hoax. It is a REAL DONATION for the people of Haiti. So come on, let's do our bit! It is for a good cause, all you have to do is comment, every cents counts.

Here are a list of Food Bloggers doing similar type of fund raising efforts on their blog. Please visit them and leave a comment too. If you are a blogger and are doing a similar type of fund raising effort, please let me know and I'll add your link here. And lastly, please help to spread the word:

Thank you for your kind support.

#1, by H (01/15/2010)

Great idea! I hope all people leaving comments are also making their own donations...

#2, by Hilda (01/15/2010)

Yeay Pam! Adding you to my list right now. Maybe this will start a huge movement (one hopes anyway).

#3, by m'lis (01/15/2010)

Thank you for your efforts - blessings to you and yours!

#4, by Alex (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this. Every cent counts.

#5, by Megan (01/15/2010)

Thanks for doing this.

#6, by Sarah V. (01/15/2010)

"we are all responsible for each other." thank you for stepping up and encouraging others to do so.

#7, by Caitlin (01/15/2010)

Wonderful idea - you rock for doing this!

#8, by Sarah, Maison Cupcake (01/15/2010)

Well done for making a personal contribution to this cause Pam.

#9, by Karen (01/15/2010)

I'm making the rounds of all the sites donating per comment, I think it's great that you're doing this.

#10, by jill (01/15/2010)

This is very generous:-)

#11, by June (01/15/2010)

Thank you. I also donated $50 and now am making the comment rounds.

#12, by amy (01/15/2010)

wonderful idea, thanks!

#13, by Candy Howard (01/15/2010)

Thank you so much! Another wonderful organization is www.doubleharvest.org. 100% of donations goes to Haiti because the VanWingerden family covers all administrative costs.

#14, by Anna (01/15/2010)

Thank you so much for your generosity

#15, by Nikki (01/15/2010)

Thanks so much for doing this, you are truly touching lives! Take care and God Bless.

#16, by Emily (01/15/2010)

Thanks for your generousity, it will be much appreciated I'm sure.

#17, by Renee (01/15/2010)

Many, many prayers are going out to those devastated by the earthquake in Haiti...

God Bless you for putting this together.

#18, by Ramya (01/15/2010)

"God Bless" Hope my comment helps.

#19, by Hannah E (01/15/2010)

Praying hard, Haiti!! Doctors without Borders

#20, by Lauri (01/15/2010)

Thank you for your help with Haiti. My prayers to everyone affected by this.

#21, by Tonya Lynn Bridges (01/15/2010)

This is amazing! May the Haitians see Christ's love through our help!!!

#22, by Sharon (01/15/2010)

Thanks for your generousity, it will be much appreciated I'm sure.

#23, by dianagrind (01/15/2010)

Thanks for doing this. God bless.

#24, by Angie C. (01/15/2010)

It's a wonderful thing you (and others bloggers) are doing.

#25, by Mary (01/15/2010)

I found you through the Saffron and Blueberry blog. Such a beautiful gesture! Thank you and Pierre so much for your amazing generosity.

#26, by Sara (01/15/2010)

What a wonderful thing to do. I came to your blog from Savory Sweet and to that one from the Pioneer Woman. Thank you.

#27, by Kandace (01/15/2010)

Thank you for your donation, glad to help in any way I can with a little comment!

#28, by Molly (01/15/2010)

Thank you for this.

Praying for Haiti

#29, by emily (01/15/2010)

This is a wonderful thing. I have donated, myself, but the more the better! Thank you and I will get the word out.

#30, by Natalie (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this.

#31, by erin (01/15/2010)

God bless you and Haiti.

#32, by Sarah G. (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this.

#33, by Jenelle (01/15/2010)

My thoughts and prayers are with Haiti, thank you for doing this

#34, by Lauralee (01/15/2010)

Wish I could do more, thank goodness you and others can. Blessings on Haiti and you all!

#35, by Ve (01/15/2010)

What you are doing is wonderfull =) Thank you

#36, by Teressa (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this, it is very generous of you.

#37, by Kathie (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this - all of you bloggers are wonderful!

#38, by BJ (01/15/2010)

They need all the help they can get; thank you for offering what you can.

#39, by MerriLeigh (01/15/2010)

Thank you....Thank you.....Ya'll are so wonderful for doing this. God Bless You.

#40, by Jessica (01/15/2010)

This is such a wonderful thing to do!

#41, by KLBezooyen (01/15/2010)

i think it is amazing what you are doing. thank you for your generosity and willingness to help those in need.

#42, by Benae (01/15/2010)

Thanks for helping the people of Haiti!

#43, by Jen (01/15/2010)

Thanks, great idea!

#44, by Jessi E (01/15/2010)

This is a wonderful thing you're doing. Thank you for doing this.

#45, by Amy (01/15/2010)

This is amazing! Thanks for adding my link - I've added yours as well.

#46, by Lindsay C (01/15/2010)

Thank you very much for organizing this effort. Using your blog to raise funds lets everyone help out. I gave you a little shout out on my blog so hopefully you will get a few more visitors! Thanks again.

#47, by Marilee (01/15/2010)

Thank you for your generous spirit!!

#48, by Shanda (01/15/2010)

Thank you for your willingness and generosity!

#49, by Childmary (01/15/2010)

Sometimes it's while encountering struggle, that we see people shine.

Bravo pour l'élan de solidarité.


#50, by Dawn (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this - may our weeping drive us to our knees (Luke 13:1-5) and to our wallets (Luke 25:40).

#51, by Ann (01/15/2010)

This is awesome, thank you!

#52, by nico (01/15/2010)

Thank you very much for helping this way!

#53, by anna l'americana (01/15/2010)


Feeling the power of the blogosphere.

#54, by Donna (01/15/2010)

Thank you for your generosity!

#55, by Angela S (01/15/2010)

It's amazing how much just a little from everyone can help.

#56, by Cheryl (01/15/2010)

Thank you for your generosity.

#57, by Katie (01/15/2010)

Thank you for your generosity. What a fantastic thing to do.

#58, by alice (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this. I added your name to Savory Sweet Life. I hope our little effort takes root and raises awareness and money for Haiti.

#59, by erica (01/15/2010)

Every bit helps.

#60, by Jayme (01/15/2010)

Thank you for letting us help in this way. Bless.

#61, by Okie Book Woman (01/15/2010)

Thank you for helping in this way.

#62, by fey (01/15/2010)

My heart breaks for our brothers an sisters in Haiti. Thank you so much for doing this.

#63, by jullee (01/15/2010)

Best wishes to you..this is a very caring thing to do.

#64, by Jane in KC (01/15/2010)

Bloggers are the Best! Thanks for doing this! Prayers to all.

#65, by Anna (01/15/2010)

Love to you for doing this

#66, by Asha (01/15/2010)

Great idea!! thanks for doing this!!

#67, by Sonia (01/15/2010)
#68, by Dee (01/15/2010)

Awesome idea! Thank you.

#69, by La Luz (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this...I,too, am donating to Doctors Without Borders.

#70, by Katy (01/15/2010)

Thank you! Haiti has already suffered so much...

#71, by Jennifer (01/15/2010)

Praying for Haiti.

#72, by Lauren (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this!

#73, by Tanis (01/15/2010)

This is a wonderful effort. Every little bit counts in this effort to help the people of Haiti.

#74, by Catherine (01/15/2010)

Thanks to your kindness people who need help will receive. May God and our Angels support and comfort those in need.

#75, by Allie (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this.

#76, by Kim (01/15/2010)

Thank you.

#77, by Cop's Wife (01/15/2010)

Bless you for doing this. Unbelievable.

#78, by Cop's Wife (01/15/2010)

Bless your heart for doing this.

#79, by Amber Barnum (01/15/2010)

Such a great idea. Great way to get so many people involved.

#80, by Marie (01/15/2010)

Thank you!

#81, by Deb (01/15/2010)

Thanks for doing this. I hope all the people reading do everything that they can to help. Haiti is in such a tragic situation and can use everyone's help.

#82, by Amy M (01/15/2010)

Thank you!

#83, by Stacy (01/15/2010)

Thank you!

#84, by Libby Haynes (01/15/2010)

Thanks for doing this!

#85, by Michelle (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this!

#86, by aneclecticgarden (01/15/2010)

Thank you so much!

#87, by Tobey (01/15/2010)

Thank you!

#88, by Taryn (01/15/2010)

Thank you for doing this. And just as a reminder to everyone (not because you haven't heard it, but maybe you haven't done it yet) you can donate $10 to the Red Cross via cell phone by texting the word HAITI to 90999.

Every cell phone carrier (in the US) is waiving the fees if you choose to do so.

#89, by sarahbicky (01/15/2010)

This is brilliant - thank you!

#90, by erica (01/15/2010)

thank you for doing this. what an easy was to help contribute!

#91, by Jennifer M. (01/16/2010)

Thank you for your generosity!

#92, by Bria Grace (01/16/2010)

Consider me commented!

#93, by Leslie (01/16/2010)

Thank you for your generosity in this time of distress! God Bless you & yours!

#94, by Rebecca Ottensmann (01/16/2010)

Thank you so much for putting your support out there! All our love and prayers go out to those in their time of need,

#95, by Teresa (01/16/2010)

I volunteer with Haiti Outreach in Pignon, Haiti. Thank you for helping the Haitian people!

#96, by L.Kennedy (01/16/2010)

So cool that you're doing this!

#97, by Lisa (01/16/2010)

Thank you for doing this. Thoughts and prayers are with Haiti tonight.

#98, by Katielz (01/16/2010)

What a wonderful idea! Many of us want to help - but want to do it in a real way - not help the spammers.

#99, by Rosemary (01/16/2010)

Thank you for doing this... making prayer into action.

#100, by MaryMoh (01/16/2010)

You are amazing. Thanks for initiating.

#101, by madame sucre (01/16/2010)

Thank you for this.. I also spread the word about this and the other food blogger's fund raising over at my blog.. God Bless..

#102, by heidi (01/16/2010)

people amaze me. thank you for giving us one more way we can help

#103, by Susan (01/16/2010)

I have spent the morning leaving comments of blogs such as yours! What an amazing way to bring people to your blog and help Haiti at the same time.

#104 (01/16/2010)

Thank you!

#105, by D (01/16/2010)

Thank you.

#106, by Elizabeth (01/16/2010)

I'm in complete awe of you all for thinking of this. It's absolutely brilliant.

#107, by Sharon (01/16/2010)

Found you through Corey -- thank you for helping Haiti!

#108, by Sarka (01/16/2010)

Wonderful Pam! Thank you for doing this.

#109, by Jenna (01/16/2010)

I'm commenting in honor of Corey and her family.

#110, by Becka Gagne (01/16/2010)

I'm commenting in honor of Corey and her family too! blessings on all the people of Haiti

#111, by Bethany (Dirty KItchen Secrets) (01/16/2010)

4 Haiti x

#112, by RJ Flamingo (01/16/2010)

{{{Hugs}}} to you and Pierre for your generosity of spirit and pocket! Truly an instance of "making a dime's-worth of difference"!

#113, by Ann (01/16/2010)

Praying for Haiti!

#114, by Su-yin (01/16/2010)

You guys are all amazing for doing this. x

#115, by Sally (01/17/2010)

Thank you

#116, by acb (01/17/2010)

thank you! I donated to Heartline Ministries - Americans running an orphanage and clinic in Haiti - at http://haiti-relief.org.

#117, by Riley (01/17/2010)

I am commenting in honor of Corey and her family at Watching the Waters.

#118, by Trisha (01/17/2010)

Thank you for your generosity.

#119, by Mira Templen (01/17/2010)

Thank you for this.

#120, by Beatriz (01/17/2010)

Great effort!

#121, by Katklaw777 (01/17/2010)

Strength to Haiti.......thanks to ypu.

#122, by Mayhem (01/17/2010)

We love you Haiti!

#123, by Aseneth (01/17/2010)

Great idea, it is very generous of you and Pierre.

#124, by Lisa (01/17/2010)

Thank you, thank you for such awesome generosity!!

#125, by Intisar (01/18/2010)

This is a wonderful thing you are doing!

#126, by Virginia Tadrzynski (01/18/2010)

bless you. no matter how insignificant we may think what we are doing is, to someone it may be everything.

#127, by Zita (01/18/2010)

What you are doing is wonderful!
from Budapest, Hungary

#128, by Mary Prize (01/18/2010)

This is so great that you are doing this; thank you so much. I included a link to your blog along with my post about ways that people can increase or match their donations to Haitian Relief efforts. If people go to:http://thescholarshipblog.blogspot.com/ they will find ways to match their donations or donate things like airline miles to help out Haiti

#129 (01/18/2010)

Thank you!!! Love: Kati (Hungary)

#130, by arwo (01/18/2010)

Thank you for doing this.

#131, by Becky Lee (01/19/2010)

Wonderful - thank you! Now I will be browsing some of your older posts - always enjoy a new (to me) blog for ideas and entertainment...

#132, by Evelyn (01/19/2010)

Evelyn from Alabama- what a good idea and what a nice blog you have. I found you through Ken's blog.

#133, by Belinda zhou (01/19/2010)

It's wonderful. Best wishes to the Haiti people!

#134, by Amy (01/19/2010)

Thank you.. very kind

#135, by Jeanne @ Cooksister! (01/20/2010)

Count me in - what a wonderful idea!

#136, by PageRank Checker (01/20/2010)

Thank you...

#137, by Elizabeth (01/21/2010)

Thank you for doing this!

#138, by 2friendscooking (01/28/2010)

my candle is lit

#139, by ASW (01/31/2010)

Awesome idea! Ted sent me!

#140, by House Help Desk (06/11/2010)

House Help Desk

This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

#141, by Tech Help Nerd (06/11/2010)

this is the greatest initiative i have come across. hope everyone is contributing on their own ways. great job. god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tech Help Nerd

#142, by kiroshimasylvia (06/16/2010)

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#143, by kRISZTA (01/22/2011)

I just wanted to join too.

#144, by gluten free chocolate (04/20/2011)

This is not a hoax. It is a REAL DONATION for the people of Haiti. So come on, let's do our bit! It is for a good cause, all you have to do is comment, every cents counts.

#145, by gluten free chocolate (04/20/2011)

This is not a hoax. It is a REAL DONATION for the people of Haiti. So come on, let's do our bit! It is for a good cause, all you have to do is comment, every cents counts.