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Tourte aux pommes de terre - Potato Pie

This is another French recipe from my mother-in-law, Michèle. This big potato pie is rather delicious, and as often in this case, not the best thing for your diet ! It goes well as a side with some meat, but we also like to eat it as a main course (with salad) since you are unlikely to end up hungry after downing a portion;-)

Tourte aux pommes de terre

  • 1 kg potatoes (peeled and sliced in thin rounds using a vegetable slicer machine)
  • 1 big onion (sliced)
  • 200 to 220 g bacon (cut in match sticks)
  • 2 puff/flaky pastry (pâte feuilletée dough)
  • 1 egg yolk slightly beaten with a bit of milk
  • 40 cl sour cream (crème fraîche)
  • Salt, pepper and nutmeg for seasoning
  1. Preheat your oven at 170°C (325°F - gas mark 3).
  2. Stir-fry the sliced onions with a bit of oil till they are a bit transparent and soft.
  3. Lay 1 puff/flaky pastry in a deep pie dish or round baking pan laid with baking paper.
  4. Spread a layer of sliced potato in the pie, then spread some bacon and onion on it. Season it with a bit of salt, pepper and nutmeg powder.
  5. Repeat the above step till all is finished.
  6. Fold in the side border of the dough (towards the potato) and brush it with water (this helps to seal the two pastry). Then cover it with another puff pastry, pressing on the border a little to make sure it is sealed to the bottom pastry. Fold in whatever is left on the side.
  7. Cut a tiny hole in the middle of the pie to make a chimney and place a small cone on the chimney.
  8. Brush the surface of the pie with the beaten yolk-milk mixture.
  9. Bake it at 170°C (325°F - gas mark 3) for about 60 minutes or till the potato is cooked.
  10. Once the pie is cooked, cut a bigger circle on the top crust and put aside the cover. Pour in the crème fraîche. Put back the cover on the pie and leave the pie inside the warm oven (switched off) for a few minutes to let the cream melt and spread down the pie.
Tourte aux pommes de terre ingredientsPotato Pie
The Verdict

Well my first attempt at it turned out to be a masterpiece, although a bit by accident: I added a bit more bacon then normal (the "official" recipe use only 150 g) to finish a box, and the potatoes were well cooked to the point of melting in your mouth. With the cream, the result is a very delicious (and rich) texture, smooth in the mouth and with that tasty smoky bacon flavour. Yummy ! The crunchy crust around makes the whole experience even better. This is definitely one of Pierre's favorite recipe as well:-)


Some variants skip the bacon but use a lot of parsley to enhance the flavor. We are not a big fan of parsley but if that's your thing, you might like to have a go at it.

Tourte aux pommes de terre - potato pieTourte aux pommes de terre
#1, by Kelly Mahoney (07/06/2007)

I love potato pie. I know it's a French dish, but as an Irish girl, I cannot resist potatoes in any dish. You're certainly right, I'm never hungry after a portion of potatoe pie. I do use bacon or prosciutto, but I don't use a lot of herbs on mine, just an ocassional green onion.

#2, by Little Corner of Mine (07/06/2007)

Yum! Soft on the inside and crispy pastry on top, what a great combination. Pass me a piece pls!:-)

#3, by tigerfish (07/06/2007)

This can be comfort food during winter. Hmmm...it's summer now and I'm thinking of winter already.:-p

#4, by wokandspoon (07/06/2007)

Well, the weather over here is like winter weather even though it's summer so it's perfect food for now! I love the photo of the tourte with the crème oozing out!

#5, by Patricia Scarpin (07/06/2007)

There can never be too much bacon - this looks scrumptious!

#6, by Judy (07/06/2007)

This is amazing. I think my kids will love it.

#7, by The Cooking Ninja (07/06/2007)

@Kelly: I love potato and I can't get enough of potatoes:-)
@Little Corner of Mine: If you live anywhere near me, definitely will give you a big one;-)
@tigerfish: yeah but the weather is so shitty over here that it's kinda cool.
@wokandspoon: We are also experiencing a rather cool and unusual summer.
@Patricia: My other half totally agrees with you.:-)

#8, by sher (07/06/2007)

Oh no! I'm totally in love with the dish. Personally, I think it's always wise to use more bacon than normal. What a fabulous recipe! I'm so there for that!

#9, by Maninas (07/06/2007)

wow, this looks, and sounds fantastic! will try to make it! you've got some great recipes here.

#10, by Tara (07/07/2007)

Mmmm, oh that sounds too good!

#11, by tyree white (07/07/2007)

very interesting dish.

#12, by Cynthia (07/07/2007)

There's nothing wrong with a little more bacon:-) Look at the crust of that pie. Such a comforting dish, Pamela.

#13, by IronEaters (07/07/2007)

that looks absolutely delicious, esp the last pic, where the cream is sort of dripping out and the crust seems so crispy =)

#14, by eastmeetswestkitchen (07/07/2007)

Yum! I love potatoes with bacon and all those ingredients. What a lovely pie you have there!

#15, by Nora (07/07/2007)

Thanks for sharing your mom-in-law's recipe. I don't eat bacon so your suggestion about parsley is good for me.

#16, by Fénix (07/08/2007)

You've done it again! I'm making this delicious tourte Monday night, will report back. Potatoes and bacon... I could live on that! Sigh.

#17, by katiez (07/08/2007)

I'm all for adding the parsley but skip the bacon?!?!? Mais NON! More bacon!
It looks perfect, love all the photos!

#18, by The Cooking Ninja (07/08/2007)

@Sher: That's exactly what my other half said.;-)
@Maninas: Thank you.
@Tara: It is very good. I got hooked the first time I had this dish at Michèle's place.
@Fénix: Can't wait to hear about yours.:-)

#19, by Wandering Chopsticks (07/08/2007)

Ooooh, looks delicious! I've got about half a dozen potatoes left that I'm still trying to figure out what to do with. But so bad for my waistline!

You've got so many yummy recipes up, I haven't time to catch up to all of them yet!

#20, by saffron (07/09/2007)

Very nice! I want to do it!

#21, by Kevin (07/09/2007)

This looks really good. I think I saw some new potatoes at the market on the weekend.

#22, by eat me, delicious (07/10/2007)

oh my goodness this looks and sounds so incredibly delicious and unhealthy! i really really want to try it.:-)

#23, by Anita (07/10/2007)

Wow! 1kg potatoes! Just my kind of dish.:-D And I am going to look this way for French inspirations...

#24, by Margarita Valli (07/16/2007)

Your photos and inspirations make this recipe totally "droolworthy"!!

#25, by Caela (11/09/2008)

do you know what part of France this is from?