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7 random things about me

It's kinda fun... being tagged by fellow food bloggers, especially a newbie like me. I was first tagged by Nora of Life's Smörgåsbord for 7 things about me, then by Little corner of mine for My Favourite Food (I'm still trying figure out what is my favourite food).

Hmm...so 7 random things about me... that should be so simple isn't it... not. The funny thing is that everything about you seem so natural that you can hardly think of anything worth mentioning. Here's some random stuff that I could came up with about myself:

I hate HATE spiders, even the smallest makes my skin crawl. It's so bad for me that even the thought or mention of it gives me the shivers. I think it must be that day that I walked home from school and out of nowhere dropped this huge spider onto my skirt (back then Singapore still had quite some jungle). I flipped my skirt several times in vain to get rid of it. I was scared to death and was jumping like a mad monkey on fire with no one to help me. Eventually, I managed to get it off, unfortunately the fear for spider is still well ingrained in my brain since then.

I got my driving licence in France. I surprised everyone including my driving school by getting my road code at the first sitting (given that I only learned French for about 2½ years and had limited vocabulary and understanding). I was told that this is the most difficult to pass than getting the licence itself because the questions in the test are very tricky and sometimes ambiguous and that some only got it after the 5th attempt (France has to got one of the toughest driving exam on this planet).

I was 9 months pregnant when I sat for my year-end exams, worrying about going into labour right in the middle of my paper. Apparently I was not the only one as all the professors and my fellow classmates were joking about me giving birth right there and then.:-D Everything went well and our little girl came 4 days after my last paper. What a good timing!:-)

I can fall asleep anywhere without a problem even with lights on. Once inside a nightclub, my friends came back from the dance floor and found me asleep on a couch. I used to have a tendency to fall asleep in front people if the conversation was too boring but I have since mastered the art of staying awake through an endless and senseless monologue.

I just got my Licence (bachelor's degree) in Langues Etrangères Appliquées (foreign languages) specialising in International Business.

I love gardening. I have a chilli padi plant, curry plant and Kamquat and some other flowery plants in my house. So far I haven't had any success in planting a pandan plant at home.

I almost won the first prize at 4D lottery (a Singaporian lottery where you have to pick 4 single-digit numbers). I had a sudden vision of the number '130' flashing in front of me when my mom told me she was going to buy 4D but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to draw up the 4th number as I saw only 3. So I just picked the 4th at random to complete. When I told my sis and Pierre about it, they told me: Very simple just add a zero in front of 130. So simple yet I never thought of it. The very next day, I checked the papers and the winning number was 0130.:-( Sadly since that day, I never had any of those flashes again.

So the game is I'm supposed to tag 7 other bloggers ... hmm ... who's the lucky ones;-) ? Wwwwuaaahhahaaha!:-) .... I pick :

Wok and Spoon
Cookie Baker Lynn
East Meets West Kitchen
La Mia Cucina
Nook and Pantry
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Tea and Cookies

Ladies, no obligations to participate ... only if you have time.:-)

#1, by Nora (07/12/2007)

Glad that you decided to participate.
- Spiders: I can guarantee to get rid of your phobia in 8-10 sessions. So if you are ever in Sydney for 2-3 months...I'll even waive my consulation fee;-)
- Exams & pregnancy: That is amazing. I don't knwo how you were even able to study for it while being very pregnant.
- I have a chilli padi plant too, but it only has 2 chillies each time and I use it straight away:-)
...who knows, you might get another one of those lucky flashes again!

#2, by eat4fun (07/12/2007)

I just stumbled upon this blog and find it amusing.

A comment about falling asleep anywhere... It could be a sign of sleep apnea. You might want to look into that. Who knows, it may correct any tiredness and you'll have those lucky visions again.:-)

#3, by Lisa (07/13/2007)

Very nice random things! I am sooooooooo with you on the spiders (bugs of any kind, but especially spiders) I've been afraid of them since I was a kid.. *shudder* Last year I was getting ready to do the lunch dishes, so I grabbed for my dish cloth and when I went to squeeze out the excess water I felt this horrible pain on the inside of my ring finger.. I looked down and there was this huge brown and white spider ACKKK!!! Fakker bit me. I freaked out! hehe It only bit me in defense, after all I was trying to squeeze it.. but still! *shudder*


#4, by Lisa (07/13/2007)

Oh! And thanks for tagging me - I love memes! I'll have it up in a few days.:-D


#5, by Carol (07/13/2007)

Great idea this meme, I now have a better idea about who's behind that ninja mask! HA!HA!

#6, by Cynthia (07/13/2007)

My jaws are hurting me from laughing at #4 - the falling asleep:-D

#7, by Isha (07/13/2007)

wow! u can fall asleep anywhere RLOL

#8, by Lynn (07/13/2007)

Thanks for the tag. I've got to get thinking...hmmm.... And I'm totally with you on spiders. Euwwww!

#9, by aria (07/13/2007)

oh eeeeeeeeeek me too! ugh, spiders are my nemesis they give me the CREEPS! haha i can just imagine falling asleep mid-conversation, heehee

#10, by The Cooking Ninja (07/13/2007)

@Nora: With a lot of determination and encouragement from my better half.:-) Actually being pregnant and studying wasn't the most difficult part - the hormones made me very relax and also I was lucky not to suffer from morning sickness. Looking after a baby and studying was the toughest part - most of the time I was tired and very sleep deprived.
@Lisa: now that would freak me out big time ! *shudder*
@Carol: oh no :O I've been unmasked.;-)
@Cynthia: It was actually quite bad and impolite for me to do that but I just simply can't help myself - my brain has some sort of a sleep mode function that when it sens "boring conversation" - it just turned on by itself.
@Isha: Yeah, my better half can't stand that he couldn't do just that like me.;-)

#11, by Gourmet Traveller (07/13/2007)

Thanks for tagging me! I would love to join and will do it tomorrow as soon as I've posted my latest restaurant experience.

#12, by tyree white (07/14/2007)

what country do you live? ... france?

#13, by wokandspoon (07/14/2007)

Hehehehee - that's funny, you falling asleep in front of people talking! Must have been boring!

Oh and congratulations on passing your code! That is really an achievement as it's super hard! I was lucky, I could just convert my Australian driving license without having to sit the code!

#14, by wokandspoon (07/14/2007)

thanks for the tag!

#15, by The Cooking Ninja (07/14/2007)

@tyree white: For now, I live in Nantes, France.:-)
@wokandspoon: You're indeed lucky. My Taiwanese friend didn't know that there is a 1 year dateline for converting International license to local and she missed it so she has to sit for the code.

#16, by Sher (07/14/2007)

Great List!!!!:-):) I love the image of you giant with child--taking your exam!

#17, by The Cooking Ninja (07/14/2007)

@Sher: hehehe ...wait till you imagine me being squashed between the table and the foldable chair of the auditorium room - as it is they are quite small, being 9 months pregnant and having to sit in them aren't the most comfortable position - baby kicked in protest of being squashed and me had to sit up real straight and stretch my arm as far as I could to write on the tiny table for a 3 hour paper. Have you ever seen a pregnant woman near delivery date running to catch a bus?;-) hahahaha

#18, by Tartelette (07/16/2007)

Great read! I can definitely vouch for Lisa's fear of spiders...well bugs in general!

#19, by Katiez (07/17/2007)

You hate spiders? I once had a spider on the wall of my hotel room. I was too embarrased to call for someone to come and kill it for me but I knew I could never sleep with it in the room. As this was the 80's I happened to have hairspray with me. I lacquered that thing so securely to the wall it's probably still there! (I can't get close enough to them to actually kill them...what if I missed and they got on me?)
There is an add with a picture of a spider in some magazines... I can't even look at the page next to it... I'm getting the creeps just talking about them....

#20, by Beaulotus (07/18/2007)

Haha then count yourself lucky not to be in my shoes. I have them in all shapes and sizes here and i'm starting to loose count of them...

I was lucky to be able to convert my S'porean driving license for a French one when I became a resident ages ago. Wouldn't want to learn how to drive in Paris. Just the thought of the Arc de Triomphe (Place de l'Étoile) is enough to give me goosebumps...

Did you do your LEA at Paris III?

#21, by The Cooking Ninja (07/19/2007)

@Beaulotus: It would be a lot easier converting from a Singapore driving license if I have one. I wouldn't want to drive in Paris at all. They are crazy drivers. Nantes loves round about turns - "rond point". They are everywhere, from tiny ones (one could hardly see it) to 2 rond point next to each other. The worst is having to drive through 3 rond point.

No, I did my LEA at Nantes University.

#22, by Beaulotus (07/19/2007)

But of course, you're based in Nantes! Most of my friends who did a LEA did it at Paris III that's why...

Nantes - lovely city, been there once on my way to St Gilles Croix de Vie. You have it all there, lucky girl.

Are you part of the Singapore Club based in Paris?

About you being pregnant duing your studies, I can certainly identify. I was at Sciences Po Paris when I was expecting my firstborn. Class could never understand why I had to sit near the open window all the time (had difficulty breathing and nobody could see that I was pregnant though I was pretty advanced by then) And after he was born, I had to take 3 years to do my DEA because you know the problem with Paris is always finding childcare.