My Macaron Experiment

The last time I tried making these little precious and oh-so-trendy macarons, I failed so badly. The recipe looked so simple yet they all turned out as flat as pancakes – well, even pancakes have a little hump. Since then, it has been on my mind to concur it.

A few months ago, I read several blogs having a lot of success with their macarons … that only made me want to make it work. In the midst of our move, I had forgotten all about it until I saw someone posting again about her macarons. Finally on Thursday evening, I gathered my courage and decided to take the plunge. I followed the instructions given in Bernice’s Baking Journey blog. I sat looking at my oven window like an anxious yet excited little kid… then suddenly, within a minute or two … I saw my precious macaron’s feet started to grow … I couldn’t believe my eyes and got all excited and jumping up and down shouting to Pierre ‘I think we got macarons this time!’.😁 Of course anything could still go wrong … so I kept crossing my fingers and hope everything turned out all right.

Dear readers, may I present you my very first chocolate macarons.😁 Aren’t these babies beautiful?😉

macaron experiment

I’ll have a macaron recipe soon here, but I want to do something more exotic than plain chocolate and need to experiment further with the filling.

PS: Speaking of filling, I’m still looking for a nice and light one. Anyone knows of a good ganache recipe?