The past few days the weather has been rather wet, and after a big storm the other day we could almost smell the mushrooms sprouting everywhere in the forest. So yesterday afternoon, we went mushrooms-hunting, hiked up in the forest and stared hard at the ground as we walked, making sure we weren’t stepping on some precious mushrooms. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the light in the woods and differentiate the moss, dead leaves, good and bad mushrooms. Mushrooms were everywhere – well lots of bad mushroom anyway. My heart beats with excitement like a little kid on her first treasure hunt… suddenly I spot my first edible mushrooms. Once you find them, you will most likely find the whole bunch sprouting near each other. I enjoyed myself thoroughly… it’s like treasure hunting… you never know what you will find next 🙂 – big treasure or small treasure. Well I can’t say the same for little ninja who missed her afternoon siesta and was whining throughout the whole trip.

Look at my lovely treasure !

Can you tell what type of mushrooms I have in the basket?

Hmm…what kind of dish do you think will I be cooking these lovely mushrooms?
Psss: we have another bucket full of wild mushrooms