Chicken Wrap

I hate cold weather especially when it’s windy. Nantes has lots of these cold icy breeze that could even wake up a drunk from his drunken stupor. Brrr! I also hate it when it drizzles (it rains a lot here, coastal area and all that) – it’s really no fun walking outside in the rain, with the cold icy wind blowing the rain at your face not just in one direction but at every angle – rendering your umbrella useless. Each time I step out of this house into the the cold is another step backward towards the healing process of my rather bad flu. I have more or less my voice back though it sounds more of a croak than a feminine voice, but am still coughing. For a food lover, it’s an horrible condition as much of the taste of everything I eat gets lost.

Since my other half has been sick for awhile too, we haven’t had much energy nor desire to cook anything fancy. We have been living on easy and quick to make food like roast beef, fish cakes, pasta and wraps. Ooh I love these wraps. They are so versatile, easy and quick to dish up. All you need is a few pieces of tortilla, some salad, avocado, corns, cheese, mayonnaise or any other dressing, meat – can be white or red or even smoked etc. Just put them all together and fold it up bottom first then sides … voilà a nice wrap – nutritious and filling, a nice change from the usual sandwiches and salad. A whole, healthy meal in itself. Just leave it to your imagination to do your wrap.

For us, we like to do a chicken wrap with pan fried chicken coated with garam marsala, with some salad, cheese, corns and mayonnaise. Does anyone has good ideas of stuff to put in there?

chicken wrapchicken wrapchicken wrap