Bland Mocha Muffins

We got back from Singapore more than a week ago. Autumn in Clermont Ferrand is a mix of cold and sunny weathers – a few gloomy looking days and some sunny afternoons. I love it when it is sunny and cold at the same time. Love the feel of the sun on my cold face. I hope for more sunny afternoons. Doubt that will happen since winter is just around the corner.☹️

The months of September and October see the arrival of a few newborns of my friends and a fellow blogger. A bitter sweet event for me. I’m very happy for my friends who are enjoying and holding their baby right now. But no matter how happy I was for them, I can’t help wishing I was holding my very own baby who would have been born now if I haven’t lost it early this year.

How was my holidays in Singapore? Unfortunately it was a nightmare from the start. To think I was so looking forward to going back home but instead I was faced with lots of personal problems through out my 1 1/2 month stay there. It killed any mood for cooking nor baking nor going or eating out. It was an experience that I wouldn’t even want to wish it on my enemy. It is still far from over but I’ll try to get some sort of a normal life back. Has it turn me off going back home? In a way yes. I don’t want to revisit those moments of my stay there.

On the home front, the renovation in our house is still not completed. However the good news is that the bathroom downstairs is finally done.🙂 Today the guy came back to install the kitchen door – not exactly what I expect. I was looking forward to a door with glass inserts but I guess I didn’t communicate what I wanted correctly. Next time I know better. The other thing is that I wanted a simple glass looking through the corridor from the kitchen, instead I got a real window (with double glass). Whatever do I need that for in a kitchen?

In hope of lifting up my spirit, I forced myself to bake something as in the past, baking always perks up my spirit … so I decided to do a Mocha Muffin but I guess when your heart is not in it, even your cakes will not turn out right.

I found this recipe online and thought these muffins sounded great as it was described by the author as moist and delicious etc. OK I have to admit that I replaced some of the ingredients as I didn’t have them in my pantry but I didn’t think it would have changed much of the flavour or anything. It did smelled heavenly of mocha chocolate in the oven. I excitedly gave one to my house ‘guinea pig’, looking at him for a hopeful proclamation: “Where’s the flavor ?” were the first words that came out of his mouth after the first bite. The muffins are moist but badly lack of flavour – one can hardly taste the chocolates or coffee in it. Oh well, guess I will try something else next time.

Mocha muffins