Banana Cake

After a few days of rain, we finally see some sunshine in this area …wohoo! Mr Sun, have I told you lately how much I love and miss you? But as luck would have it my way, I was struck down by gastro (gastric flu) yesterday while the sun was screaming for me to come out and play. Fortunately for me, Little One woke up late yesterday and we were able to send her to day care centre to play with other children for 4 hours while mommy had a little rest on the couch with in-between trips to the throne. I honestly don’t know how I got it. Everyone in this household is 100% fit while I was the only one struck down by it – we all ate the same food quand même.☹️ Well, in a way thank goodness Little One didn’t get this… no, I don’t want to go down that lane now that she is totally toilet trained. Anyway, today I’m feeling slightly better and hopefully when I’ve fully recovered from it, Mr Sun will still be shining out there for me. Keep my fingers cross.😉

A week ago, my MIL asked me to make a dessert to go with our lunch that day. I couldn’t decide what to make but in the end, those aging bananas on table won the day.🙂 I decided to use the banana muffins recipe to make this as a cake instead. For this, I decided to add in an extra egg – just to see how it will turn out.

Recipe taken from : banana muffins with a slight modification : 3 medium eggs and 3 medium sized bananas. Bake it in a round 20 cm diameter cake pan for 45 minutes at 190°C (375°F – Gas 5).

The Verdict

So what’s the difference between the original recipe and modified version? All I can say is that : It’s more moist, soft,and full of banana flavour than the muffins. The cake seems to stick more together in texture – that’s the best I can describe it. Delicious! By dinner time, only a quarter of the cake was all it left. It stayed moist and soft even the next day. I will definitely bake this again. It’s simple and easy to make.

banana cake