My lovely Banana Chocolate Cake that didn’t quite make it

We bought some bananas on Monday but it had somehow turned very mushy … maybe it got squashed in the grocery bag during the car ride. So I was stuck with 6 ripe and soft bananas to get rid off … I couldn’t make goreng pisang out of it and the only cake I can think of at that moment was Banana cake.

I have my own banana chocolate cake recipe but I thought ‘why not try out a different version.’ So I changed the recipe a bit – using self-raising flour instead of plain flour and 2 eggs instead of 1 etc … well, it was a flop. The cake didn’t rise and it was moist and dense. I was quite disappointed how it turned out. Anyway, here’s a picture of it.

Banana Choc Cake flop

I’ll make it again another time.