My First Attempt at Brioche Aux Pralines

Ever since I became more confident in my baking skill, I have always wanted to make this delicious dessert that is so well-known in the French region of Auvergne. I even bought a packet of pralines from the supermarket a few months after we moved here, but I never quite got the courage to use them. After scouring the Internet for many different recipes, I chickened out again after reading the word ‘kneading’ as all the recipes use bread machine to make this brioche and I was kinda daunted by it. However, my recent success on No Knead Bread renewed my interest in making this brioche again. For days, I kept pouring over all the recipes that I have gathered from the net and comparing one from the other – all techniques and quantity are similar yet different ☹️. Finally yesterday night I gathered all my guts together and ‘JUST DO IT’ like the Nike Ad. 😉

Voilà, may I present you my very own Brioche Aux Pralines freshly made this morning.

Brioche Aux Pralines Experiment

I’ll post my recipe for it soon. So be sure to look out for it.