SPRING, How I Love Thee!

WOOHOO! Spring is here! Spring is finally here! I love Spring. It is sunny, soft & mild with every plant coming to life and blooming. Spring, to me, is like St Valentine every day. Trees are greening everywhere and flowers of all sorts show up. It’s just so romantic. So when I spied the very first primrose blooming in my garden the other day, I was as excited as a kid, knowing that spring is making its presence felt, chasing Winter away. Then I saw the tulips and daffodils slowly peeking out of the earth in my front yard. To my delight, a single yellow daffodil slowly started to bloom. What a beautiful sight to behold.

I’ll share a secret with you: I’m envious of my neighbors’ garden – whenever spring is here, their garden is totally covered with different coloured primroses. It always takes my breath away and this is the beautiful view I have from my kitchen. Lucky me – at least I get to enjoy it!

Can’t blame me for being excited about spring for it had been a cold winter with lots of snow this year. It’s the first time we ever witness Clermont-Ferrand being under snow like this since we moved here end of 2007. Believe me, I’m not complaining (unless I’m the one shoveling the snow. LOL). I’d rather have snow than endless days of non-stop rain and gray sky as we had in Nantes. With snow, at least we can still go sledging, have snow fights and build snowmen. Well, snow is fun but anyway I rather have spring any time of the year.

So here are a few shots of signs of life in my garden to share with you.